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Moisturising hand sanitiser CareGel product line



The CareGel Range

Our unique moisturising CareGel is available in 100ml (100 bottles per box), 250ml (32 bottles per box) and 500ml(16 bottles per box) pump operated bottles, and 5 litre refills (4 containers per box). We also offer touch free automated solutions for wall mounted, countertop or floor standing units.



Moisturising hand sanitiser countertop CareGel dispenser

Countertop Dispenser

Dimensions - 28.5cm W x 20cm D x 56.5cm H
Weight 4.75kg


Moisturising hand sanitiser wall mounted CareGel dispenser

Wall Mounted Dispenser

Dimensions - 28.5cm W x 20cm D x 56.5cm H
Weight 4.75kg

Moisturising hand sanitiser floor standing CareGel dispenser

Floor Standing Dispenser

Dimensions - 40cm W x 39cm D x 150cm H
Weight 10kg




All dispensers can be fully branded with your organisations corporate image

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CareGel Technical Info

CareGel is a UK manufactured, highly effective hand sanitiser which kills 99.9% of bacteria by having 70% volume ethanol as the active ingredient. Using its unique moisturising formula, it not only cleans but protects and cares for your hands.

CareGel is effective against a range of microorganisms and enveloped viruses and currently meets the following standards:

  • EN 1276

  • EN 1650

  • EN 14476


CareGel’s product range is validated and certified by an independent world renown UK laboratory with testing against bacterial and virucidal efficacy, including coronavirus.

CareGel has been derived from the World Health Organisation recommendations for effective hand rub formulations. Using our secret recipe, it also contains additional agents normally found in cosmetic products to help create a PH neutral product.

Users have noted a reduction in dry skin when compared with other alcohol based sanitisers, leaving hands feeling smooth and non-sticky. CareGel contains no perfumes or colourants and is not classified as hazardous for health or environmental effects.

Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Water white semi viscous
  • SG at 20ºC: 0.83 - 0.87
  • Odour: Characteristic
  • Flash point <20º C

  • Ethanol content: 70% wt (minimum)
  • Flammable: Yes
  • Bacteria kill: 99.9%
  • Standards reference: EN 14476



Unit Technical Info

  •  Far less risk of cross contamination due to unit being an automatic non touch dispenser
  • Powder coated base with SteriTouch Antimicrobial Technology. Preventing the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.99% for the life time of the product 
  • Powder coating can be matched to any required colour
  • Bespoke branding meaning sponsorship and marketing opportunities 
  • Premium design with a small footprint 
  • Mild steel construction 
  • Registered counter lever design 
  • Lightweight yet robust and sturdy 
  • Managed sanitiser dispense rate saving on cost of sanitiser
  • UK Designed and Manufactured Technical Features: 
  • Refillable and locked CE approved Automatic Battery-Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit – 1,000ml capacity with a 1.5 ml dispense rate per use 
  • Powder coated mild steel construction
  • Vinyl graphics applied as requested
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to move and wipe down clean


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