Key Features

  • 70% ethanol, killing 99.9% of bacteria
  • Unique, secret moisturising hand sanitiser formulae
  • Extremely competitively priced
  • Developed to help combat the issues of dry and sore hands from increased use of sanitisers
  • Everything is manufactured in the UK, so no supply or import issues, creating more UK jobs

  • Attractive branding
  • Huge production capacity
  • We are currently working on a one-week lead time
  • Free delivery
  • 60, 100, 250, 500ml bottle and 5 litre container options
  • We supply a range of wall, countertop and floor standing branded no touch automated dispensing units

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Moisturising hand sanitiser in UK supporting British manufacturing

Not Just a Hand Sanitiser

Due to complaints of dry, sore, cracked and red hands, from the increased frequency of having to use alcohol-based hand sanitisers due to COVID-19, we have developed CareGel. Our UK manufactured, unique moisturising hand sanitiser not only protects your hands from viruses, users have commented their hands feel softer from the first time they used it.

Organisations are starting to identify potential welfare issues for their staff and customers, from repeated use of alcohol-based products that don’t have a moisturising property. These organisations are recognising their responsibilities to provide a quality product and have seen the benefits of CareGel, our scientifically developed moisturising hand sanitiser.




A Truly Moisturising Hand Sanitiser


CareGel has been a useful product given that hand sanitiser is causing skin and epidemiological health issues. I have personally used this product as I have very dry hands, therefore, as a fellow of IOSH I would happily support this product for its moisturising related benefits at a price that matches market competitors

A UK leading Health & Safety Consultant






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Contact us today to discuss how CareGel can help keep your employees, customers and workplace as safe as possible and keep the country working. One of our sales team will provide you with a tailored quote suited to your needs. CareGel, you are in safe hands.






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